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WINNING MEN’S LOYALTY In a highly competitive industry, encouraging customers to return time and time again can often prove challenging. When it comes to building loyalty with male clients, our findings show that the key factors to remember are creating value for money and forging strong relationships. Unlike their female counterparts, men say that value for money is the best way to facilitate their long term loyalty. So, whether it’s by promoting more male- orientated deals through social media or revamping your rewards card, ensuring that you tailor your offers to male clientele could result in some strong wins for your business. Whilst value for money is important, having a good relationship with their hair or beauty professional comes in at a very close second for men, followed by being happy with the results. It’s also worth remembering that a chatty approach doesn’t work for everyone, with one in five men preferring not to talk to their hair or beauty professional while in the chair. Whilst we witnessed the upsurge in the hipster beard trend last year, it looks as if there are new trends preparing to take over in 2017. THE YEAR FOR THE STUBBLE While beards look set to remain popular, the UK’s professionals say these have been pipped to the top spot of most popular style by stubble. In fact, across the UK stubble is set to be the style of choice for every region apart from the South East, where tight beards will reign supreme. Jiginesh Madhaji @wahlprouk KEEPING IT TIGHT This year we are seeing an increase in men opting for more compact styles. When it comes to a neater fit, the tight beard is proving to be the go to trend, particularly for those looking to achieve a clean, well-groomed look. THE SHORTER BEARD The trends of 2017 may point towards a closer shave, but the shorter beard has risen to become a firm favourite. A more uniform take on the full beard with some extra maintenance required from those who try it, this facial hair style looks set to grow on the high-street this year. Simon Kibbler @wahlprouk “Gone are the days when it was rare to see a man in a salon. Today, men are embracing the power of hair and beauty to shape their identity and make them feel their most confident selves. They want cuts that are sharp and technically advanced and aren’t afraid to experiment.” BRITISH BARBERING A PART OF PHILIP POLITI EDINBURGH 14 Tom Chapman for The Bluebeards Revenge