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Frog jumping a popular sport at festivals By Beth Scott cal farmers’ ponds to fi nd them and after we were done, we’d take the frogs back where we got them.” COSHOCTON – Greg Rice still remembers the very fi rst trophy he ever won. It hap- pened when he was about 10 years old and it involved a frog named Jimmy. Rice and other local boys participated in frog jumping contests that used to be held at the Coshocton County Court- house during the Coshocton Canal Days Festival. “It cost a quarter to jump them. My frog’s name was Jimmy and it took him three jumps and it was a 12-foot jump. ” - Greg Rice “We would go to local farmers’ ponds to fi nd them and after we were done, we’d take the frogs back where we got them. ” - Greg Rice “It cost a quarter to jump them,” he said. “My frog’s name was Jimmy and it took him three jumps and it was a 12-foot jump. Members of the 4-H Junior Leadership Club went out and got the frogs and had them in a water tank. You picked the frog you wanted to jump and jumped it.” Th e contest was a fundraiser for the Junior Leaders. It was an all-day event and as the day wore on, the frogs started Contributed Frog jumping was an event during the Canal Days Festival for several years “back in the day”. Pictured is 10 year old Greg Rice - yep, the auctioneer we know today - with his champion frog jumper “Jimmy”. Also pictured is Terri (Thomas) Mullett , a member of the Junior Leaders, who sponsored the event. The Junior Leaders is a program coordinated by Coshocton County 4-H. Rice also became a member of Junior Leaders. The photo is from 1971. Photo reprinted with permission by The Coshocton Tribune. getting tired and couldn’t jump as far. Jimmy the frog captured fi rst place for Rice and he said he still has the trophy. Th e following are excerpts from reports fi led during the early years of extension. • During the month of August 1919 Grover C. Mus- grove, the fi rst county agent in Coshocton County, spent fi ve days in his offi ce and 21 in the fi eld. He trav- eled 132 miles by rail and 744 by automobile. He visited 87 farms. • 4-H Camp Ohio was mentioned in the records for the fi rst time in 1931. It stated: Aug. 2-7, County 4-H “As I became older and in the Junior Leaders, I had to go out and catch them [the frogs],” he said. “We would go to lo- Looking back Camp, Camp Ohio. Th at month also included the Co- shocton County Plowing Match, Dairy Day, Potato Day and Orchard Day. • A report from December 1936 explained that three and a half days were spent in intensive study of sew- ing machines under the supervision of R.D. Barden, agricultural engineer. Th e clinic was planned to teach agents the fundamentals of sewing machine cleaning, adjustment and repair so that they might hold clinics in their own counties. If no county clinics were ever conducted the time would not have been wasted as the information may be used in 4-H club work and any phase of clothing work. Contributed | Beacon HATS OFF TO 100 YEARS! FARMS Rice learned a lot by being involved in Junior Leaders such as leadership skills with managing organization, time, and people. He remembers helping with the junior fair sale, helping to organize things with the fair, and helping with shows at the fair. “It was just a learning experience and the fun and the friends we had,” Rice said about those times. “4-H camp was always fun.” Rice said that Junior Leaders also helped him be able to start his career in auctioneering. “Th e junior fair sale is where I got the money to send me to auction school and start my career,” said Rice. “I sold a champion lamb and got within $50 to go to auction school.” AUCTIONS NOW IS THE TIME TO SCHEDULE YOUR 2019 AUCTION FOR SPRING We Get 19-B THE BEACON 520 Main St., Coshocton e-mail: Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm Results! 740-622-4429 Terry Sharon Longsworth Longsworth 740-622-6230 740-622-6230 Auctioneer/Broker® Realtor® Joe Scott 740-502-6221 Realtor® Bob Nelson 740-622-1922 Realtor® Gary Chaney 740-498-4545 Realtor® 316 Main Street • West Lafayette (740) 545-7186 Fax: 740-545-6899 Auction: 740-545-7158 Branch Offi ce: 740-498-4545 APRIL 17, 2019