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UNION SCHOOL 1950 S The Coshoctonian was a yearbook that covered schools in the county. The following are excerpts from Union’s portion of select years of the book, which were provided by Phyllis Lee. 1951: Union band members pictured in the 1951 yearbook include: Front row, from left – Janice McKee, Phyllis McKee, Joyce McKee, Donna Groves, Beverly McKee, Janice Mizer; row two – Mary Evelyn Mikesell, Betty Ashcraft, Leo Mikesell, Jeannine Martin, Edward Pigman, Martha Alexander, Maxine Groves, Helen Davis, third row – Norman Mizer, Cheryl Scott, Wayne McKee, Wanda Ashcraft, Janet Mercer, Imogene Mikesell, Jean Mercer, Th elma Accord, James Laughlin, Larry Crowther, fourth row – Carl K. Ponzio (advisor), Max Mercer, Paul Wright, Carl McCurdy, Robert Mikesell, Margaret Wright, Cletis Miller, Mary Ashcraft, Charlene Mosholder, and Elmer Wright. 1959: Union’s 1959 baseball team included: Row one, from left – Earl Cunningham, Ronald Anderson, Tom Wheeler, Paul Modesitt, Max Mercer, Herold Booth, Douglas Clutter, Charles Williamson, Glenn McKee; row two – Tom McKee, Sharell Mikesell, Roger Hagans, Larry Groves, Don Mason, Mike Ledbetter, Melvin Cantrell, Larry Mikesell, and Mr. Waybright. 1953: Union’s student council members pictured in the 1953 yearbook included: Row one, from left – Mary Barrick, Wanda Ashcraft, Nancy Felver, Judy Crider; row two – Mr. Scott (advisor), Ruth Ramsey, Richard Fry, Wanda Cullison, Beverly Norris; third row – Charles Rollins, Ronald Meek, James Dobson, and James Hughes. 1954: Th e bus patrol at Union pictured in the 1954 yearbook included: Front row, from left – Faith Vorys, Willmagene Hackney, Ellen Wolford, Margaret Sibert, 1958: Varsity cheerleaders pictured in the 1958 Claire Alexander, Charlene Mosholder, Lucille Bush; yearbook were: (kneeling) Judy Crider, Janice Mizer, row two – Nancy Denman, Donna Rae Van Winkle, Nina Koehler, and (standing) Marylin McCoy. Maxine Groves, Wanda Cullison, Joyce McKee, Freda Gardner, Jo-Ann Melick; third row – Robert McFarland, Edward Melrose, David Richard, Junior Underwood, Donald Lee, Gary Trego, and Th elma Jean Accord. 1959: Union queens and attendants from the 1959 yearbook are pictured from left: Greta Dickerson, junior; Ila Shoemaker, sophomore; Rosa Lea Mikesell, queen; Linda Jackson, freshman; Dorothy Wade, senior. 1952: Posing for a picture during the 1952-1953 school year at Union are Judy Moran, Jean Moran, Betty Ashcraft, and Jessica Moran. May 1, 2019 1958: Th e varsity basketball team pictured in the 1958 yearbook included: Front row, from left – Max Mercer, Elmer Wright, Charles Underwood, Charles Rollins, Glenn McKee, Don Darr; row two – Coach Waybright, Wilson McCoy, Bob Richard, Gary Harrah, John Crider, Harold Booth, Tom Wheeler, and Larry Graham, manager. 1954: Pictured is the Union High School diploma of the late James Trego. His wife Betty Ashcraft also graduated from Union High School. Th eir children attended the school and so did two grandchildren and one great-grandchild. THE BEACON 7-B