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Playground games remembered Your Only Local Community Bank Staff | Beacon Celebrating Our 137 th Anniversary For 137 years we’ve been helping our friends and neighbors achieve their fi nancial goals with local products and services designed to meet their needs. Local Decisions, Local Ownership 413 Main Street, Coshocton - 740-622-0444 590 Walnut Street, Coshocton - 740-622-9417 503 W. Main Street, West Lafayette - 740-545-0227 1387 Coshocton Ave., Mt. Vernon - 740-393-0058 COSHOCTON – Hearing that bell ring for recess was probably the favorite part of the school day for both students and teachers. Getting outside, playing with friends, and getting away from the classroom for a few minutes was the highlight of the day. We took to social media asking our followers to recall their favorite playground games. While Red Rover and tag were favorite games to play, here are a few other playground games you may have forgotten about over the years. “I loved square dancing in middle school gym class,” said Kirstin Renee Reddick Slusser. “Mother May I, Simon says, and hop- scotch,” said Sue Kirkpatrick. “Red Rover, Heads Up, 7 Up, red yellow green light, and crab walk,” said Sarah Layton. “Jump rope, ‘Queen Bee, chasing after me…’, Red Rover, and playing on the monkey bars, merry go rounds, teeter totters and high slides, none of which are on playgrounds any longer,” said Betsy Heist Brown. “We played marbles like Boulders and Steelies at South Lawn Elementary in the early 1970s,” said Kenn Kiser. “We ‘flipped’ baseball and football cards in middle school in the 1970s (flipping for teams or colors to win). We'd sometimes get together for pick-up basketball or football games outside of school, and often played ‘jungle’ ball (almost no rules).” For the Service You Deserve Marc Lacy 740.502.3074 Paul Bratton Auctioneer 740.327.6331 Kyle Myers 740.502.2383 Jessica Reed 740.502.6095 Darlene Guess 740.502.2920 Kelly Shrimplin 740.502.6692 Christy Dickerson John 740.507.0664 Thomas 740.502.4342 Debbie Myers 740.502.1589 218 Cambridge Rd., Coshocton YES 12-B THE BEACON 740-622-3669 100 YEARS OF FURNITURE... BeLinda Lacy 740.294.8869 Robert Bennett 740.502.0487 “Four Square, tag, and tetherball,” said Grace Anne Hacker. “Kickball and that one where you sat on ‘scooters’,” said Laura Kreider Patterson. “Freeze tag,” said Mary Gephart Robert- son. “Loved that!” “Dodgeball,” said Gary Baker. “That got pretty serious!” “In gym class was square dancing and outside recess was tetherball,” said Gloria J. Medina. “Four square and jump rope!” said Lacey Rettos McCombs. “Swimming and dodgeball,” said Linda Elder McConnell. “Hanging upside down on the jungle gym at recess in kindergarten at Chestnut,” said Ken Sturtz. “Miss Malfa came out to get me, and as she approached to take me down, I gave her a kiss!” “Hopscotch and tag,” said Stephanie Dick- erson. “Double Dutch,” said Nicole Weaver Medley. “I remembered learning how to square dance,” said Emily Ann Buchanan. “Four square and Mother May I,” said Kel- lie Honnold Eizensmits. “Kick the can,” said Rena Tarter Jarboe. “Hide and seek,” said Randles Macs Kay. “Cat and mouse,” said Emily Guilliams. “Chinese jump rope,” said Susan Nolan. “Marbles,” said Randy Mahon. Many names, several owners. Always quality furniture and excellent customer service. Then, now, and in the future. 230 Main St. • Coshocton Towne Centre • 740.622.6237 STORE HOURS: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm CARPET & FURNITURE Sat 9am - 3pm May 1, 2019