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SERVING OUR COMMUNITY LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 2006 THERMAL REMEDIATION Help stop the spread of Bedbugs The safest, most effective way to eradicate bed bugs in one treatment, using a heat & pesticide combination. It is much more effective than chemicals alone or other heat sources alone. Most effective technology on the market. Time to reach kill temperature minimal. Precise temperature control in each room - up or down. No outside airflow required as other heat treatments require. Each room is heated at the same time, not allowing bed bugs a chance to find a place to hide. Back in your home the same day, as entire treatment area reaches kill temperature faster than other heat treatments. Fully Insured, bonded & Licensed. Located in Coshocton, Ohio NOW ACCEPTING: FOR A QUOTE, PLEASE CALL: • Office (740) 722.9053 • Office (740) 545.9240 SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 • Cell (740) 575.5758 • Toll Free (877) 313.8300 THE BEACON 9B