Beacon Tabs 2019 Coshocton County Fair Program - Page 3

JUNIOR FAIR SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 9:00 AM All Youth Building Projects Must Be In Place THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 6-10 AM Weigh-in for Market Hogs Hog Barn 5:00 PM Barn meeting for all junior sheep & goat exhibitors Junior Fair Arena 5-9:00 PM Weigh-in for Market Hogs Hog Barn 5:30-7 PM Weigh-in for Goats Junior Fair Barn 6-8:00 PM Weigh-in for Sheep Junior Fair Barn 6-9:00 PM Weigh-in for Poultry Junior Fair Barn 7-8:00 PM Weigh-in for Rabbit Fryers Junior Fair Barn 10:00 PM All Livestock Barn Decorations Must Be In Place FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 7:00 AM All Junior Fair Livestock to be in place 9:00 AM Hay Show Youth Building 5:00 PM Junior Fair Royalty Contest & Opening Ceremonies Hunter Arena 5-6:00 PM Goat Milk-Out Goat Pens 7-9:00 PM Junior Fair Extravaganza Hunter Arena SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 8:00 AM Poultry Show Junior Fair Arena 8:30 AM Weigh In For Market Steer, and Feeder Calf. 4:00 PM Junior Fair Goat Show: Fun Classes, Pack, Meat, Pygmy, Dairy, Angora Junior Fair Arena 4:00 PM 4-H Modeling Review Youth Building 7:00 PM Public Speaking Evaluation Opportunity #1 Youth Building SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 8:00 AM Junior Fair Llama Show Hunter Arena 2:00 PM Market Hog Show Hunter Arena 1:00 PM Cat Show and Small Animal Show Junior Fair Arena 3:00 PM Dog Project Interviews Open Class Sheep Arena 4:00 PM Dog Show Open Class Sheep Arena MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 9:00 AM Dairy Show Dairy Barn 11:00 AM Rabbit Show Junior Fair Arena 12:30 PM Beef Breeding Show, Feeder Calf & Market Beef Show Hunter Arena TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1 9:00 AM Sheep Breeding Show, Market Lamb Show Junior Fair Arena 10:00 AM Public Speaking Evaluation Opportunity #2 Youth Building 10:00 AM Horse Show Hunter Arena 12:30 PM Tasting Smorgasbord Youth Building 4:00 PM General Livestock Judging Contest Open Class Dairy 6:30 PM Lamb Lead Classes Junior Fair Arena WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2 5:30 PM Showman of Showmen Contest Hunter Arena THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3 12:00 PM Junior Fair Horse and Dairy Exhibits released 1:00 PM Junior Fair Swine Exhibits released 2:00 PM Junior Fair Sheep and Goats Exhibits released 3:00 PM Junior Fair Beef Exhibits released 4:00 PM Junior Fair Poultry and Rabbits Exhibits released 5:30 PM Junior Fair Auction Sale of Champions Animals Sold at Auction Released as Sold Hunter Arena FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4 8AM-6PM Youth Building Exhibits Released 168TH COSHOCTON COUNTY FAIR SEPT. 27 - OCT. 3, 2019 SENIOR FAIR SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 9:00 AM Judging Photography, Paintings, and Drawings 1:00 PM Judging Canned Goods 2:00 PM Judging Quilting & Needlecraft Division THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 9:00 AM Judging Home Decor Division (Jr. & Sr. Hobby, Antiques, Woodcarvings, Etc...) 2:00 PM Judging Homemade Wine FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 7:00 AM Gates Open – Admission will be Charged, Ag Judge (All Day) 9:00 AM Judging Baked Goods (Cake, Cookies, Bread, Candy) 1:00 PM Judging Gourd Show, Judging Floral & Garden (30 minutes after Gourd Judging) 5:00 PM Opening Ceremonies and Crowning of the Fair King & Queen 5:30 PM Baked Goods Auction 7:00 PM Jr. Fair Extravaganza 7:00 PM OSTPA SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 9:00 AM Open Horse Show 1:00 PM Harness Racing (Pari-Mutuels) 7:00 PM Dash for Cash SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 8:00 AM Pony Pull Horse Pull (following Pony Pull) 9:00 AM Open Class Beef Show 9:00 AM Open Llama Show 1:00 PM Harness Racing (Pari-Mutuels) 7:30 PM Bullmania MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 9:00 AM Open Class Sheep Show 9:00 AM Open Class Dairy Show 10:00 AM Open Draft Horse and Pony Hitch Show 10:00 AM Pie and Specialty Cake Contest Judging 1:00 PM Harness Racing (Pari-Mutuels) 5:00 PM Kiddie Tractor Pull 5:30 PM Pie and Cake Auction 7:00 PM USA East Sanctioned Tractor Pull TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1 10:00 AM Antique/Farm Tractor Pull 7:00 PM Auto Cross WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2 10:00 AM Stabled Draft Show 5:30 PM Bus “Fair” Competition 5:45 PM Antique Tractor Parade (forms at Antique Tractor Display) 6:30 PM Open Class Market Hog Show 7:30 PM Rough Truck Contest THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3 10:30 AM Skid Steer Rodeo 5:30 PM Sale of Champions 7:00 PM Motocross Art Hall Art Hall Art Hall Art Hall Art Hall Ag. Building Art Hall Hunter Arena Rotary Pavilion Hunter Arena Grandstand Hunter Arena Grandstand/Track Grandstand Grandstand Grandstand Dairy Barn Arena Hunter Arena Grandstand/Track Grandstand Sheep Arena Dairy Barn Arena Outdoor Arena Art Hall Grandstand/Track Grandstand/Track Rotary Pavilion Grandstand Grandstand Grandstand Hunter Arena Grandstand Antique Tractor Hunter Arena Grandstand Pulling Track Hunter Arena Grandstand $10 Admission includes: FAirground PArking (when AvAilAble) grAndstAnd seAting & mechAnicAl rides! SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 THE BEACON 3B