Be an Entrepreneur and Create I - Page 9

Why we're here?

The organisations we represent work with a sort of different target groups, using different methods of work.

We work with youngsters, adults and children with disabilities, NEET (not in Education, Employment and Training), migrants, people with fewer opportunities. We also work with career guidance, counseling, couching, etc. We support our locals using arts, music or sport, developing workshops, raising awareness on different topics (ecology, tolerance, acceptance...).

Our group was built up by teachers, youngsters, youth leaders and youth workers, volunteers in the organizations and trainers.

The strength we built from our differences

These differences in our background experience and in our organisations was what gathered us together in this Training Course.

We collected all our knowledge and challenges we have in our work and we've discussed it in order to make more and better in our local society.

We got to know what is entrepreneurship, creativity and we discovered tools to develop creative thinking.

With these knowledge we can empower our youngsters and adults, once back home.