Be an Entrepreneur and Create I - Page 21

4. " Need for Team"

Fight lack of cooperation between students.

Deliver NFE methods to high school students (such as team building activities).

5. Recycling Project

Youth Exchange

Raise awareness on recycling amoung youngsters/ change consume habits.

6. Technology vs Disability

Inclusion of people with disabilities through technology.



Planning & preparation - discussion, get to know the problem.

Chose the partners, the place for implementation, apply for grant, submit the project in the proper deadlines.

Implementation - Prepare the venue, select participants, plan travels and programme. Implement the activity which best fits for the project we have in hands (Youth Exchange, Training Course, Seminar, Job Shadowing, etc).

Follow Up - Spread the knowledge with other people who could take advantage from the knowledge received. Implement and test the knowledge received. Stage for project results dissemination.

Evaluation and Reporting - Discuss with the partners what could be improved in the future and make the report of the project to the proper National Agency - which gives the grant for the project.