Be an Entrepreneur and Create I - Page 19


Creativity is a process of losing your mind and finding it in something you never suspected. It can be a piece of article you read while in line for a cup of coffee in a somewhat popular place that, despite being disgusting, you pay while grunting your teeth and giving them the money like a 17 year old hipster that needs to pay for something too mainstream for them.

As a journalist, creativity consist on sitting in front of a computer thinking of something important to write, while trying not to be too formal and also not serious enough that would make the reader prefer to go outside in a full metal gear in the middle of a thunder.

But what about when we combine a 17 year old hipster, a grumpy heavy smoker journalist and an Erasmus+ program? Besides a very disturbed kid during the process of meeting, we create a new reality based on the meaning of creativity and lifestyle. Enhanced imagination is one of the ingredients for a synchronized mental health. Erasmus + is offering exactly that, the clash of different worlds, like the 17 year old journalist and the grumpy journalist, that by union explore and test their limits and realize that all of us have high levels of creativity that need to be found.

Hipsters and grumpy old journalists

Now you, as a forward-thinking individual, are judging this whole article and contemplating the idea of throwing the magazine out of the window and call it a day, but think about all the times you didn’t have money to fix something, think about the times you were to sleepy to go out in the middle of the night to buy new diapers for your son and just ingeniously made a diaper out of a cloth and in the end created a whole new business focusing on the importance of waste management and eco-friendly products of infants? That´s Creativity.