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Marketing Mix

the educational

content behind the game






Think about the place where your target group will reach you.

Building a brand - communication, visual campaign, build identity.

How can you

optimize things?

Emotions work on judging what's good and what's bad.


The product needs to attract attention


Needs to reach interest


Then, people will want to buy it


And they will buy it

local community

We've received 10 people - adults and youngsters - from the local community and towns close to Leszno.

They have tried all the business ideas from our participants, they got to know us and our project and in the end, they voted the best three ideas.

A- I - D - A

If people like the product it's because the product fulfills what you have promised.

They'll want to buy more and share it with others.

They will make PROMOTION of what you sold.

Considering all the 7 Ps, when planning to set up a business might help a lot to reach desired goals.

What you want to sell

To whom you're selling