BDASI Housing Report 2021 - Page 30


Washington County is the most rural community within our five county jurisdiction . There have been some significant pushes for economic development and strategic advancement of Washington County in the last few years . The local governments have done a terrific job of positioning themselves to advance their missions and goals of sustainability for years to come . With transportation improvements ( Salem Bypass and Highway 60 ) the City of Salem and Washington County have begun attracting new business , retail , and restaurant options . This is a fantastic step towards development for their community . Washington County is also in the planning phase in their comprehensive plan update . This will be a great tool for Washington County and its municipalities to aid in the decision making process going forward .
As Washington County continues to pave the way for future business retention and expansion , it is critical housing remains a critical part of their strategic growth . Currently , the City of Salem has seen retail business growth on the east side of their city boundaries . The City of Salem in partnership with the County would greatly benefit by developing much of the City owned land and beyond in the Jim Day Road and surrounding regions . With the Salem Bypass being a stone ’ s throw away from this location , it would present an ideal location for housing developments at a sustainable price point to attract and retain new residents into the City of Salem and Washington County .
With this potential growth , in terms of residential housing , Washington County will place itself right in the mix of attracting many residents and in turn will begin to attract new employers due to an influx of new population . Being just 40 minutes from the City of Salem to River Ridge and surrounding regions , this can yet again be an attractive location for those senior level , higher wage earners , that are looking for a place to grow in appropriate lot size and location . We urge Washington County to continue on the path they are on and to continue to emphasize the need for residential housing . As the surrounding communities grow , Washington County will only become more appealing as “ home ” to many new residents as they begin to put in place terrific quality of life amenities and transportation access that places them right in the middle of the “ action ” in Southern Indiana .