BDASI Housing Report 2021 - Page 3

Dear Stakeholder ,
The Building and Development Association of Southern Indiana ( BDASI ) is committed to promoting the region ’ s new-home construction , educating our members and consumers on the homebuilding industry ’ s standards , practices and happenings . As well as provide network opportunities to encourage member business opportunities and success . Our association provides to its members advocacy , education , networking , and community outreach while encouraging smart growth for the long-term economic stability of our community .
It is the solemn duty of the BDASI to provide support and guidance to our community leaders and elected officials in order to build a better tomorrow . The report that is compiled will serve as support in the decision making process towards a better path of “ strategic growth ”. It is a necessity that our region identify gaps and voids in their respective communities and work strategically towards accomplishing these goals and objectives . With inflation , regulatory burdens , rising infrastructure costs , and an ever-changing marketplace it is extremely difficult for our industry to offer affordable housing options with a respectable margin which continues to keep our members in business .
Our goal at the BDASI is , first and foremost , to remain a fierce advocate for both our Builder and Associate members . By providing advocacy needs to our member businesses , it is our priority to build and grow partnerships with our local communities and the respective leaders of those communities . Without these partnerships it truly is an impossible feat to meet the needs of our environment and business climate while growing our communities to meet market demand and strategically fill gaps . Again , it is our solemn duty to provide our expertise and guidance to our communities in order to work together to build a better tomorrow .
Christian Evans BDASI CEO
The printing and production of this study would not have been possible without the support from our BDASI Members ’