BDASI Housing Report 2021 - Page 22


When you mention a “ land of opportunity ” Harrison County certainly fits that bill . At this point in time , Harrison County has lagged behind most of our counties in comparison to how much land is available for growth . While being geographically disadvantaged in the commerce sector this certainly can play to the favor in regard to housing . With COVID-19 still looming , we have seen an unprecedented push from urban dwellings to more open spaced suburban dwellings . This has been tabbed as the “ Suburban Shift ‘’ and the BDASI is of the belief this movement from small lots in the city to wide open spaces in more rural areas will be around for quite some time .
Alongside the “ Suburban Shift ,” we are in the midst of numerous supply shortages and unprecedented material cost increases due to the shortage of supply and the unparalleled rise of demand .
According to the National Association of Home Builder ’ s Chief Economist , Robert Dietz , this can be another advantage for a community like Harrison County , “ Supply can respond better in lower-density areas as well because of the lower cost to build , and may affect the size and design of singlefamily homes and types of multifamily projects being built in these areas as well .” As you can see Harrison County has an unbelievable amount of untapped potential for growth .
As we look forward to the post pandemic world it is essential for a community like Harrison County to continue bold investments into infrastructure and provide potential incentives to recruit and retain the new residents they can attract . River Ridge Commerce Center has been mentioned a few times in this report , and for good reason , because this is yet again a fantastic opportunity for Harrison County to attract those “ Executives ” or “ Higher Wage Earners ” that are looking for some bigger lot sizes , potentially bigger homes , and room to grow a family on . Harrison County can offer a product that most communities within our jurisdiction cannot offer due to raw land mass and this is something that should be utilized as a recruiting tool for future development . As mentioned before , in order to attract or recruit new development , Harrison County must continue to put forth bold investments in infrastructure to connect un-served swaths of land , plan and develop connectivity through municipal boundaries , and high-usage thoroughfare . Putting forth a “ master-plan ” in order to grow and retain new residents into Harrison County is the correct path for sustainability for years to come .