BDASI Housing Report 2021 - Page 13


Clark County has been a pillar of growth for our community in the past 10 years . Specifically , Clark County has welcomed over 8,000 new residents since 2010 for a growth rate of 7.3 %. This growth has taken place due to sustainable growth practices in the business recruitment and retention fields , partnered with innovative and collaborative pro-growth government entities . The biggest driver of this population increase has been the unheralded success of the River Ridge Commerce Center located in Jeffersonville , Indiana . River Ridge currently sustains over 10,000 employees from over 70 different employers . This initiative is the main catalyst for growth not only in Clark County but all surrounding counties within our jurisdiction .
River Ridge is showing no signs of slowing down , while this is fantastic news , this also creates a challenge for our industry and community to provide adequate housing for these new employees and residents of our area . According to the National Association of Homebuilders Chief Economist , Robert Dietz , it is stated in order to maintain a healthy , growing community we should be building one home for every 2.26 jobs created . It should be a CENTRAL focus of our region to work diligently to provide adequate housing and great quality of life amenities to compete with our neighbors across the Ohio River .
While River Ridge is centrally located geographically in our five-county jurisdiction , this presents many opportunities for each of our municipalities to welcome in the employment growth from River Ridge and begin to offer new residents into their community with only a short commute to work . As you can see in the statistics laid out above , the municipalities of Clark County have done a great job of welcoming growth over the last 10 years . Clarksville , Charlestown , Sellersburg , Utica and Jeffersonville are the five municipalities that make up Clark County . These municipalities have seen a combined growth of 4,498 new residents over the last 10 years . Charlestown has seen the largest influx of new residents , growing by 10 % or 790 people . Jeffersonville and Sellersburg are right behind Charlestown with each community growing by approximately 7 % respectively .
Going forward , Clark County is still on the precipice of tremendous growth , the largest and most immediate challenge facing the community leaders of these communities will be producing enough growth in terms of housing for the massive influx of new residents being attracted by River Ridge . As stated previously , it is necessary for every 2.26 new jobs a community provides one home . According to the ratio and the projections River Ridge has shared , there will need to be roughly 4,400 homes built in the next five years to adequately provide opportunities for those prospective residents . Broken down more specifically at the current rate , Charlestown will need to build roughly 423 new homes , Sellersburg will need to build roughly 449 new homes , Clarksville will need to build 1,091 new homes , and Jeffersonville will need to build roughly 1,963 new homes . This projection is all based on the next five years and keeping ALL job growth within Clark County . This is obviously a tall task but one that is necessary for the growth and prosperity of Clark County ’ s current and future residents .