BCS Advantage Magazine Winter 2017 - Page 21

A Special Gift for Special Needs Progressive Education Program (PEP) students are thrilled by the generosity of design firm LS3P Associates who presented $500 to their program. It was at the recent North Carolina School Boards Association conference that Roberson district representative Amy Churchill put her card in a fishbowl and won the big check to a school ofher choice- but how was she to choose only one school? Ms. Churchill ultimately chose to direct the funds toward the PEP program in order to benefit all county students with special needs! The check was presented at the T.C. Roberson High PEP location by LS3P Senior Vice President, Mr. Paul Boney, who travelled across the state to meet the the students and their Principal, Mr. Larry Weigel. When he arrived, he was surprised to be welcomed by a sizable group of students, teachers, and school administrators, including Superintendent Dr. Tony Baldwin and Ms. Ann B. Franklin, Madam Chair of the Board of Education! “Our firm believes strongly that we should always give back in a way that is meaningful. I cannot think of a better place for us to make a small difference than in the lives of these children,” said Mr. Boney. “We really believe in the vision of education and its impact on the students, parents, and community.” 19 19