BCS Advantage Magazine Winter 2017 - Page 11

Engineering, and Math) principles. The students at Pisgah know they are loved. From the custodial staff that keeps the school safe and clean, to the cafeteria workers that keep the students nourished, the success of Pisgah goes beyond the classroom. Meanwhile, the learning that happens in classrooms at Pisgah is something that makes Principal Yates proud. “Teachers and staff are very adept at their craft. They consistently seek new and innovative ways to deliver instruction. In addition to their exemplary teaching skills, they offer many extension activities that enhance student understanding,” Yates says. She says for educators at Pisgah, it’s all about the students. The honor of being a Blue Ribbon School provides motivation to continue their focus on academic excellence and getting kids excited about learning. “Our teachers will no doubt continue to strive for perfection. Pisgah is steeped in love for our community and our students,” she says. The students at Pisgah have said it best. Fourth grader Ayden says Pisgah is a Blue Ribbon School because “the students, staff, and building are great and you should be proud of Pisgah Elementary School!” 9