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Spring 2017 Issue of

Can you feel it?
Warm summer days are just round the corner...for those of us who cook year round outdoors it's nice to look forward to warmer days and longer evenings so we can do even more BBQ.

In this issue we'll be looking at Wood Fired Ovens, Campfire cooking and as always plenty of recipes, reviews and chat with some lovely BBQ people.

If you've been enjoying the mag so far, we'd appreciate it if you could tell your friends or family about what we do. We want to get the UK back BBQ'ing!

As always, the best of BBQ from around the world and some wonderful UK BBQ. UK BBQ Mag are here to keep you inspired and cooking through the year. We've been hard at work to spruce the mag up to make it easier to enjoy, hope you like it. Let us know what you think!