Baseball Weekly Report

May  1,  2015     Contact:  Nathan  Webber   (503)305-­‐8756/[email protected]   Final  Weekend  to  Decide  Championship  Bracket   PORTLAND,  Ore.  –  Two  teams  have  already  guaranteed   spots  in  the  2015  GNAC  Baseball  Championships,  but   where  the  tournament  will  be  hosted  is  still  a  question.   Defending  regular-­‐season  champion  Western  Oregon   and  Montana  State  Billings  are  tied  at  18-­‐10  each,  as   both  are  vying  for  the  right  to  host  the  tournament.   That  will  be  decided  this  weekend  in  the  last  series  of   conference  play.  The  Wolves  host  Northwest  Nazarene   while  the  Yellowjackets  hit  the  road  in  a  four-­‐game   series  against  Saint  Martin’s.   Simply  put,  whichever  team  wins  more  games  this   weekend  will  be  the  regular-­‐season  champion.  If  WOU   and  MSUB  tie,  the  Wolves  would  win  the  title  due  to   their  5-­‐3  advantage  over  the  Yellowjackets  during  the   season  head-­‐to-­‐head  matchups.   The  Wolves  face  a  tough  matchup  with  NNU  Friday  and   Saturday  as  the  Crusaders  are  trying  to  reach  the  GNAC   postseason  for  the  first-­‐time  ever.   Northwest  Nazarene  needs  just  one  win  to  secure  a   berth  into  the  championship.  The  Crusaders  though  will   be  playing  on  the  road  for  their  second-­‐straight  week   and  face  a  Wolves  team  that  is  out  for  revenge  after   NNU  beat  WOU  three  times  in  a  four-­‐game  series  in  late   March.   Montana  State  Billings  has  had  success  against  Saint   Martin’s  this  year,  winning  their  series  in  Billings  a   month  ago.  With  one  win,  the  Yellowjackets  will   guarantee  a  tie  of  their  highest  finish  in  the  GNAC   regular-­‐season  while  also  winning  more  conference   game  than  they  ever  have.   Central  Washington,  which  is  finished  with  conference   play  after  taking  three  from  Saint  Martin’s  last  week,   needs  WOU  to  sweep  NNU  to  reach  the  GNAC   Championships.  The  Wildcats  entertain  Lewis-­‐Clark   State  in  their  last  games  of  the  regular-­‐season.             Standings  and  Schedule           GNAC   Overall   LAST  8     Team     W   L   W   L   W   L       x-­‐MSU  Billings     18   10   23   21   5   3     x-­‐Western  Oregon     18   10   23   22   5   3     Northwest  Nazarene     14   14   26   23   6   2     Central  Washington     14   18   23   24   3   5     Saint  Martin’s     8   20   16   30     2   6     x-­‐Clinched  GNAC  tournament         UPCOMING  GAMES         FRIDAY,  May  1     Northwest  Nazarene  at  Western  Oregon  (DH),  1  p.m./4  p.m.     Montana  State  Billings  at  Saint  Martin’s  (DH),  1  p.m./4  p.m.     Lewis-­‐Clark  State  at  Central  Washington,  1  p.m.         SATURDAY,  May  2     Northwest  Nazarene  at  Western  Oregon  (DH),  12  p.m./3  p.m.     Montana  State  Billings  at  Saint  Martin’s  (DH),  12  p.m./3  p.m.     Lewis-­‐Clark  State  at  Central  Washington,  1  p.m.               Around  the  GNAC     • MSUB’s  Trevor  Nix  was  awarded  NCBWA  West  Region   Player  of  the  Week  honors.  He  becomes  the  third   Yellowjacket  this  season  to  earn  this  award  and  the   sixth  in  the  GNAC.  A  conference  player  has  now  won   West  Region  Player  or  Pitcher  of  the  Week  five  times   in  six  weeks.     • MSUB’s  Tanner  Johnson  threw  10  strikeouts  in  his   complete-­‐game  shutout  of  NNU  last  weekend.   Johnson  becomes  just  the  seventh  different  GNAC   pitcher  this  season  to  record  at  least  10  strikeouts  in  a   game.     • The  Wildcats  Zach  Johnson  and  the  Yellowjackets   Tanner  Johnson  were  awarded  co-­‐Pitcher  of  the  Week   honors  after  each  threw  a  nine-­‐inning  three  hit   shutout  last  week.  The  Johnson’s  become  the  eighth   and  ninth  pitchers  in  the  GNAC  this  se