Baseball Weekly Report

March  6,  2015     Contact:  Nathan  Webber   (503)305-­‐8756/[email protected]   WOU  Takes  First  Series  of  GNAC  Play,  NNU  First  to  10  Wins   PORTLAND,  Ore.  –  Western  Oregon  took  three  of  four  from   Saint  Martin’s  in  the  first  series  win  of  conference  play  to   take  an  early  lead  in  the  GNAC  standings.   The  Wolves,  who  have  won  five  of  their  last  seven  after   starting  the  year  2-­‐11,  allowed  the  Saints  to  score  only  six   runs  in  four  games.   Four  WOU  pitchers  threw  at  least  three  frames  and  three   strikeouts  being  led  by  Darren  Moran  and  Jesse  Pratt.  Moran   pitched  eight  innings  of  one-­‐hit  ball  while  Pratt  went  six  with   six  strikeouts.  Each  recorded  a  win  as  well.   The  Monmouth  natives  hit  five  doubles  and  three  home  runs   in  the  series  while  scoring  14  runs.  The  Wolves  offense  has   outscored  their  opponents  29-­‐18  the  past  seven  games.   While  WOU  took  three  of  four  from  the  Saint  Martin’s,  the   Saints  got  the  last  laugh  with  a  1-­‐0  shutout.  Starter  Riley   Moore,  pitched  seven  innings  of  four-­‐hit  ball  in  his  complete   game  shutout  of  the  Wolves.  His  performance  earned  him   Picher  of  the  Week  honors.   The  Player  of  the  Week  went  to  Central  Washington’s  Darren   Honeysett  who  hit  three  home  runs  and  drove  in  eight  runs   in  the  Wildcats  four-­‐game  split  with  Montana  State  Billings.   Honeysett  now  leads  the  conference  in  slugging  percentage   at  .763  and  moved  into  third  in  home  runs  with  four.     By  no  surprise,  the  conference’s  two  best  offenses  had  three   slugfests  in  their  series.  Central  won  a  game  13-­‐4  while  two   of  MSUB’s  wins  ended  in  14-­‐6  and  11-­‐9  scores.       Three  GNAC  teams  have  seven  wins  at  this  still  early  portion   of  the  2015  season,  but  Northwest  Nazarene  was  able  to   reach  the  10-­‐win  mark  after  taking  three  of  four  from   Concordia.     The  Crusaders,  who  have  yet  to  play  a  conference  game,   needed  12  innings  to  finish  off  the  Cavaliers  in  their  first  two   games  last  Friday.       Pitcher  Jake  Reppert,  who  is  tied  for  20th  nationally  in   victories,  pitched  another  gem  by  going  eight  innings  while   allowing  only  four  hits  and  striking  out  six.  Reppert  now   leads  the  conference  with  three  games  pitching  at  least   seven  innings  while  striking  out  at  least  five.             Standings  and  Schedule           GNAC   Overall     Team     W   L   W   L   S     Western  Oregon     3   1   7   13   W1     Central  Washington     2   2   8   6   L1     MSU  Billings     2   2   5   13   L3     Saint  Martin’s     1   3   7   11     W1     Northwest  Nazarene     0   0   10   7   L1         UPCOMING  GAMES         THURSDAY,  March  5     Montana  State  Billings  at  Cal  Baptist,  6  p.m.         FRIDAY,  March  6     Saint  Martin’s  at  Northwest  Nazarene  (DH),  3  p.m./6  p.m.     Montana  State  Billings  at  Cal  Baptist,  6  p.m.           SATURDAY,  March  7     Montana  State  Billings  at  Cal  Baptist,  11  a.m.     Central  Washington  at  Western  Oregon  (DH),  12  p.m./3  p.m.     Saint  Martin’s  at  Northwest  Nazarene  (DH),  1  p.m./4  p.m.           SUNDAY,  March  8     Central  Washington  at  Western  Oregon  (DH)  12  p.m./3  p.m.     Around  the  GNAC     • Central  Washington’s  Brandon  Williams  had  another  great   outing  on  the  year,  pitching  seven  innings  while  allowing   four  runs,  zero  earned,  in  13-­‐4  win  over  MSUB.  Williams   struck  out  13  Wildcats  on  the  day,  making  it  the  second   time  this  season  the  senior  has  fanned  at  least  10  batters.     • After  the  first  quarter  of  the  season, 4