BAMOS - Vol 35 No.1 Autumn 2022 Autumn 2022 - Page 17


BAMOS Autumn 2022
17 and other measures of her research performance going gangbusters . The most elegant research paper Bec led was “ Biological responses to the press and pulse of climate trends and extreme events ,” which beautifully illustrates why ecosystems collapse suddenly under the joint pressures of slow climate change , critical thresholds , and weather . Bec also supervised numerous honours and PhD students over the last decade and was a mentor and sponsor for many higher degree candidates and early career researchers . She was particularly passionate about supporting women in science .
Debra Roberts co-chair of the IPCC WG2 report had this to say about Bec : “ Bec ’ s passing is a huge loss . In many ways she was the epitome of what AR6 is about — someone who could bridge the worlds of the natural and built environments and contribute insights to both . She will be sorely missed — our deep condolences to her family and friends .”
Those she worked with at Hobart City Council commented : “ We are grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with her and are saddened by her passing ."
The Southern Tasmania Council Authority said "[ We will ] continue in the full recognition that the work we are doing is enabled through her efforts and intuition .”
Bec brought together many superb qualities ; she was an astute scientist , recognised problems that needed solutions , knew how to deliver these solutions to stakeholders and how to publish them . As a researcher Bec is an exemplar and she will be very sorely missed .
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