BAMOS Vol 30 No. 4 2017 - Page 16

16 BAMOS Dec 2017 Regional Centres AMOS Tasmania Regional Centre Activities Summary 2017 Helen Phillips Tasmanian Regional Centre Chair The Tasmania Regional Centre of AMOS held two public events at the University of Tasmania during 2017, as well as our inaugural early-career researcher event. The 2017 committee comprised Helen Phillips (Chair), Neil Holbrook (Vice-Chair), Damien Irving (Secretary), Andrew Klekociuk (Treasurer), Pearse Buchanan (Student Representative) and general members Simon Alexander, Kathryn Allen, Zanna Chase, John Church, Stephanie Downes, Craig Macaulay, Andrew Marshall, Steven Phipps, Mike Pook, Irina Sakova, Peter Strutton and Carly Tozer. The Tasmania Centre acknowledges the University of Tasmania (UTas), National Science Week, and the Australian Institute of Physics for providing generous support for our events in 2017. Thanks also to our partner organisations Inspiring Australia, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE-CRC), and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Climate Systems Science (ARCCSS). A public lecture and forum was held at the UTas Sandy Bay (Hobart) campus on Tuesday 15 August and at the UTas Newnham (Launceston) campus on Wednesday 16th August, run as a joint collaboration with the Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) and in conjunction with National Science Week 2017. Entitled Big changes in “Big Places: Oceans and Ice”, the public events featured 15 minute talks by Dr Stephanie Downes (ACE-CRC/UTas), Dr Mathieu Mongin (CSIRO) and Dr Felicity Dr Heidi Auman with Laysan albatoross at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. Image provided. Graham (IMAS/UTas), followed by a 30 minute panel question- and-answer session with the audience. Dr Tas van Ommen (ACE-CRC/Australian Antarctic Division) facilitated as Master of Ceremonies and provided input for the panel discussion. Prior to the talks in Hobart, the Tasmania Centre’s 2016 AMOS Regional Award for Academic Achievement was presented to Ms Veda Malpress for her outstanding academic achievement in the Bachelor of Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania. There was strong engagement with the audience at both events, consisting of about 170 people in Hobart and 35 people in Launceston, including researchers, teachers, academics, and those outside academia with broad interest in weather, climate and oceanography. The Hobart event was recorded live and is available for playback viewing online ( UniversityofTasmania/events/7636186). We held our inaugural early-career researcher event “You’ve finished the PhD. Now what?” on 24 November at IMAS, UTas. The event was organised by our student reprepresentative Pearse Buchanan and sponsored by ARCCSS. Seven speakers from academia, government and industry reflected on “Career pathways post-PhD: opportunites and missed opportunities”. The well-attended event was followed by informal discussions and pizza. Pearse was the first student representative in our regional centre and has made a big impact in a short time. We hope to continue what Pearse has begun and continue to strengthen student involvement in AMOS.