BAMOS Vol 30 No. 4 2017 | Page 42

42 BAMOS Dec 2017 BAMOS author guidelines for all submissions A note on figures (new) Clear figures are important for communicating the message of any scientific article. We recommend that any figures accompanying Articles or Science Articles be prepared with the reader in mind. Ideally, figures should be prepared using dedicated graphing software. Languages such as Python ( and R are freely available and can be used to make simple, high-quality plots and figures. If you are using Excel, please make every effort to ensure that your figure is readable and appropriate for the article. Font size should be at least 18 in font Arial, Helvetica, or Myriad Pro, with clear axis labels and units. Also ensure that the figure is appropriate for colourblind readers if possible. See Colour Brewer ( for ideas on this. For example, see the two figures below of Sydney rainfall totals in the summer months: Original image. Note that there is no axis labels or units, the font is small, the colours used are the Excel default, and they do not match the topic of the graph. Improved image. The text is larger, colours are appropriate for the content, additional information is given on seasonal and monthly totals by stacked plots, and the plot is resized.