BAMOS Vol 30 No. 4 2017 | Page 38

38 BAMOS Dec 2017 Weather in literature quiz with Matthias Tomczak After a call out on social media, the quote from our last issue was correctly identified by Cacilia Ewenz as from Nelson Mandela’s bibliography Long Walk to Freedom. Cacilia was grateful for a return to English as a first language, saying “thanks for making it easy this time”. This will be the last Weather in literature quiz for a while, so get your answers in as soon as you can. It was at the end of the week that I happened to glance at the barometer that hung in the cabin companion-way. Its normal register in the Paumotus was 29.90, and it was quite customary to see it vacillate between 29.85 and 30.00, or even 30.05; but to see it, as I saw it, down to 29.62, was sufficient to chill the blood of any pearl-buyer in Oceania. Who wrote this accurate passage about atmospheric pressure? Email your answer to [email protected].