BAMOS Vol 30 No. 4 2017 | Page 35

BAMOS Dec 2017 there may be further uncertainty in the quality of observations recorded. Even with full consideration of the inherent uncertainties, if wind speeds continue to increase in certain parts of Tasmania, then potentially so may the frequency of tornadoes. The zone, and the frequency and distribution of tornadoes, may potentially be indicating an emergence of a Tasmanian ‘Tornado Alley’ similar to that currently observed in the United States (Long and Stoy, 2014). Continued wind speed monitoring and further detailed studies are highly recommended to determine any potential future trends between the frequency of tornadoes and changing wind speeds in Tasmania. Acknowledgements The author would like to thank the reviewers for their valuable comments and recommendations. References Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 2014. Hot weather, strong winds damaging Tasmanian crops. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia. Available at: http://www. winds-damaging-tasmanian-crops/5839692, Accessed: 11 December 2016. ABC, 2015. Roofs Blown off and Trees Down As ‘mini-tornado’ Strikes Ulverstone, in Tasmania’s North-west. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia. Available at: news/2015-08-11/roofs-blown-off-and-trees-down-in-mini- tornado-in-ulverstone/6687186, Accessed: 11 December 2016. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 2007. 1362.6 - Regional Statistics, Tasmania, 2007. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Available at:[email protected]/2f762f9 5845417aeca25706c00834efa/9A04C0D0F8F2241BCA2572640 00CAFFE?opendocument, Accessed: 24 November 2017. ABS, 2016. 2016 Census QuickStats – Tasmania. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Available at: http://www.censusdata. vices/getproduct/census/2016/ quickstat/6?opendocument, Accessed: 24 November 2017. ABS, 2017. 3218.0 - Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2014- 15. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Available at: http://www.[email protected]/Previousproducts/3218.0Main% 2Features452014-15?opendocument&tabname=Summary& prodno=3218.0&issue=2014-15&num=&view=, Accessed: 13 December 2017. Bureau of Meteorology, 2007. About Climate Statistics. Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, Available at: climate/cdo/about/about-stats.shtml, Accessed 25 November 2017. Bureau of Meteorology, 2016a. Climate statistics for Australian locations. Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, Available at: http://, Accessed: 9 December 2016. Bureau of Meteorology, 2016b. Severe Storms Archive – Tornado. Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, Available at:, Accessed: 11 December 2016. Bureau of Meteorology, 2017 . About data and observations. Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, Available at: http://www. shtml#tabs=Quality-control, Accessed: 26 November 2017. Böning, C.W., Dispert, A., Visbeck, M., Rintoul, S.R., and Schwarzkopf, F.U., 2008. The response of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to recent climate change, Nature Geoscience, 1(12), 864–869. Cechet, R.P., Sanabria, L.A., Divi, C.B., Thomas, C., Yang, T., Arthur, W.C., Dunford, M., Nadimpalli, K., Power, L., White, C.J., Bennett, J.C., Corney, S.P., Holz, G.K., Grose, M.R., Gaynor, S.M. and Bindoff, N.L., 2012. Climate Futures for Tasmania: severe wind Hazard and risk technical report, Geoscience Australia, Canberra, ACT, GA Record 2012/43, Available at: futures-for-tasmania/. Jakob, D., 2010, Challenges in developing a high-quality surface wind-speed data-set for Australia, Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal, 60(4), 227–236. Kole, A., 2016, A review of adaptive planning and management practices for severe wind events in Tasmania 2016. Tasmanian Climate Change Office, Tasmania. Available at: http://www. K o l e, _ Anto n _ - _ d ra f t _ c l i m ate _ c h a n g e _ a c t i o n _ p l a n _ submission_2016.pdf, Accessed: 11 December 2016. Long, J.A. and Stoy, P.C., 2014. Peak tornado activity is occurring earlier in the heart of “Tornado Alley”, Geophysical Research Letters, 41(17), 6259–6264. McKendry, I.G., Sturman, A.P. And Owens, I.F., 1986, A study of interacting multi-scale wind systems, Canterbury Plains, New Zealand, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 35(4), 242–252. Sen, O. L., Wang, Y., & Wang, B., 2004, Impact of Indochina Deforestation on the East Asian Summer Monsoon*, Journal of Climate, 17(6), 1366–1380. White, C.J., Grose, M.R., Corney, S.P., Bennett, J.C., Holz, G.K., Sanabria, L.A., McInnes, K.L., Cechet, R.P., Gaynor, S.M. and Bindoff, N.L., 2010. Climate Futures for Tasmania: extreme events technical report, Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, Hobart, Tasmania, Available at: http://acecrc. 35