BAMOS Vol 30 No. 4 2017 | Page 21

BAMOS Dec 2017 To accomplish this general aim I would suggest we begin a conversation along the following lines: 1. Presentations (say in Powerpoint) to be submitted to an Editorial Committee. If accepted they become available for general use by scientist lecturers—in just the same way as journal articles. These presentations are considered publications and can be included on a CV. 2. Community engagement talks to be formally included in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and in job descriptions at the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and universities. 3. Community engagement to be taken into account in academic performance reviews and science job promotions. 4. Training in community engagement talks to be offered at universities. 21 This would represent a change in our academic culture but could be done at minimal cost and would, in my view, generate valuable community support for our endeavours. Many AMOS members take part in community engagement and outreach. How does your outreach experience compare with Richard’s? Please let the Education and Outreach committee know by emailing [email protected], or pen your own article for future issues — Ed.