BAMOS Vol 30 No. 4 2017 | Page 2

2 BAMOS Dec 2017 Bulletin December 2017 Page 13 Regional centre reports The folk at the Melbourne Centre have been busy, organising a packed workshop on urban climate and keeping the Priestley Cup competition fierce. Meanwhile the Tasmanian and ACT Centres update us on their successful events throughout 2017. Page 18 Australian Wind-Waves Symposium The Third Australian Wind-Waves Symposium took place in Perth in October. The organisers catch us up on what has happened since the first Symposium in 2010. Page20 Outreach science Richard Whitaker (right) shares his experience of taking science to the streets, and his thoughts on how AMOS can engage more with the community. Image: The Australian Navy (HMAS Parramatta). Page 38 March 1950 rains Blair Trewin talks us through one of the wettest weeks in one of Australia’s wettest years. Image: Stan Bourke, Peter Coughlin and Rodney Short during the Winton flood, 1950, State Library of Queensland.