Balloons Over Vermilion July 2022 - Page 4

A balloon during last year ’ s event is filled with hot air prior to lift off from Bismarck during a corporate sponsor flight . Photo by Deb Edwards

Balloons Over Vermilion trying to build on return


After a strong return last year , the Balloons Over Vermilion is only trying to build from that in this year ’ s version .

With how things started last year , event co-chair Pat O ’ Shaughnessy said there is a chance for a lot of success for this year ’ s event at the Vermilion Regional Airport July 8-9 .
“ On Friday , we were up 50 percent from the last four years . We had cars backed up to Liberty Lane on Bowman Avenue ,” O ’ Shaughnessy said . “ The gods helped us out because the wind died down enough so it was 30 balloons hanging high and everyone was able to see . For taking pictures , it was the best time because the balloons just stayed there , so we had that record crowd and we expected a big crowd on that Saturday , but it rained . We opened it up on Saturday for free as a thank you to the community and it felt good .
“ A lot of people were still apprehensive and there was a big pent-up demand because we saw big crowds at the Vermilion County and Decatur fairs , so we thought it would happen and it did . I wonder if people that wanted to come here next year will be here this year and from what I see , that could happen .”
One change that will be in effect is to focus more on balloons and that means the loss of the carnival . But O ’ Shaughnessy said there will be a lot for kids to do , especially more to do in the kids ’ area .
“ The carnival is not coming back , but we