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from the Superintendent

As the Baldwin County School District Superintendent , it ’ s my pleasure

to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year . As we focus on the future , we cannot forget about this past year . Looking back , it was undoubtedly a school year like no other . Over the past few months , we have come face to face with challenges that none of us could have imagined . Our educators have worked tirelessly to ensure our students receive a high- quality education , whether they are learning in-person or remotely . We have all felt the impact COVID-19 has placed on our personal and professional lives , yet our students remained steadfast and resilient during it all . I applaud our educators , support staff , students , and parents for their brave and exceptional efforts during these unprecedented times .
This academic school year began under unique circumstances with modifications to our regular routine , but our students continue to be the center of our learning culture . We are committed to providing students a safe and caring learning environment , rigorous instruction , access to technology , and relevant learning opportunities that will prepare them for success beyond high school .
During the summer , we realized that the coronavirus ongoing presence in our community required us to re-evaluate and modify our traditional back to school rituals . We planned and prepared , implementing additional safety measures and protocols in order to keep our students and staff safe . We also solicited input from parents , giving them the option to choose traditional in-person instruction or remote learning for their children . This year , our schools are educating close to 5,000 students , both through face-to-face instruction and through remote learning .

Dr . Noris Price

We know these are challenging times , but we continue to provide opportunities that allow students to achieve academic success , obtain emotional maturity , and recognize the social responsibilities needed to become productive citizens of society .
The Baldwin County School District is committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities for all our students by setting high expectations for each one as well as for ourselves . We are making great strides in the school district , which would not be possible without the leadership of our School Board members , dedicated employees , and the support from our parents and community partners .
It is my honor and privilege to serve the children , staff , families , and citizens of Baldwin County as superintendent . I ask for your continued help and support this school year as we navigate through the weeks and months ahead .
I look forward to seeing the amazing accomplishments that the 2020-2021 school year holds for us .

from the Publisher

This school year began is unlike any other we ’ ve ever witnessed . The

global pandemic has resulted in many things being done differently , and school is certainly not an exception . But the perseverance of local students , the ingenuity of teachers and staff , coupled with the continued cooperation from parents , has kept everything afloat . While we are hopeful for a return to something more similar to normal , we are grateful and appreciative that we are all here , healthy and safe , together . After all , we ’ re all in this together . Thank you , parents , students and educators and everyone doing their part to ensure that education doesn ’ t come up short amid all the uncertainty in our world .
Please take a few moments to read and share news and notes about the accolades and discover some of the new things on the horizon for Baldwin County Schools . Thank you for all that you do . Continue to stay safe .

Keith Barlow

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