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Baldwin Success Academy

If you ’ ve been in the area

of Executive Parkway recently , you may have noticed new black and red sign that proudly let visitors know they have reached the Baldwin Success Academy .
The school has taken the place of the Ombudsman Educational Services alternative school and provides academic recovery and social / emotional learning for students grades 6-12 . In December of 2019 , the Baldwin County School District decided to go in a different direction with its alternative education program by administering the program in-house for the 2020-2021 school year .
On Wednesday , August 19th , the academy officially opened its doors to students . The alternative school is run by Antonio Ingram ,
who is no stranger to public education . Mr . Ingram is in his 25th year of service as an educator , having served 21 of those years working in Baldwin County . He began teaching at Baldwin High School as a Social Studies teacher focusing on Geography , American History and World History . He then moved to Oak Hill Middle School and served as the 8th Grade Assistant Principal for five years . His last role in the Baldwin County School District was at Midway Hills Academy , where he served as the principal for 8 years , prior to being chosen as the director for the Baldwin Success Academy .
He describes his form of leadership as servant leadership .
“ I would consider myself a servant leader . It all starts with that
instinct and desire to want to serve , leading to the choice to aspire to lead . As a leader , my highest priority are the needs of others , and I do what is necessary to encourage growth and stability .”
Ingram and his staff engage in character-building activities with the students to help shape their minds and to create a positive self-image .
“ We take students through lessons on leadership , self-image , self-control , respect , responsibility , and being the best they can be to strive in a positive direction ,” he said .
The main objective of these character-building exercises is to instill in each student the qualities that will help them succeed not only when they return to their respective school , but in life as well .
“ My hope is to help each student make a positive impact on their lives in the community and for the students to return to their home school with the skills to be very successful .”
Even the choice of the school ’ s name reflects the positive learning environment that Mr . Ingram and his staff aim to create for the students .
“ When thinking of a name for the school , I wanted it to be a positive name . I researched alternative programs around the state and saw ‘ success ’ on some of the school names . I added Baldwin in front of Success Academy , and it has a nice ring to it .”
The Baldwin Success Academy is located at 127 Executive Parkway . School hours are Monday – Friday , 8:30 a . m . – 5:30 p . m .
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