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Whoooo Knew ?

Band received 3 superior ratings on the stage for their prepared pieces and an additional superior rating in the sightreading room . A superior rating is classified as an outstanding performance . Worthy of distinction of being recognized as among the very best . This is the fourth year in a row the high school concert band has received an overall superior rating at this event .
u Honor Baldwin High School Band Members selected for the District XI Honor Band All-State Auditions . Jaquan Moore ( 4th chair ) Olivia Warnock ( 3rd chair ) Morgan Pounds ( 5th chair ) Ashton Davis ( 3rd chair ) Gracelyn Anderson ( 2nd chair ) Rachel Mullis ( 11th chair ) Yalonda Wright ( 5th chair ) Landon White ( 8th chair ) Matthew Mahan ( 1st chair ) Adrianah Hannah ( 5th chair ) Elliot Callender ( 1st chair ) Will Franklin ( 2nd chair ).
u Ryan Maraziti selected as the 2019-2020 BCSD Teacher of the Year .
u The Baldwin School District received the Georgia School Boards Association 2019 Leading Edge Award .
u Lakeview Primary was named a Reward School by the Georgia Department of Education .
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Each year , the

Georgia College
Early College program produces a high caliber of students ready to take on the world . One impressive aspect of the program is the number of students who earn an additional educational achievement while receiving their high school diploma . According to Dr . Runee Sallad , Director of the Early College program , the Early College ’ s graduating class of 2020 saw 21 of their students earn associate degrees .
“ Each year , the students continue to simply amaze me with their drive for success . This past year , we had our first student to earn a degree from Central Georgia Technical College , and we had 20 graduates earn associate degrees from Georgia Military College .”
The students , all of whom have taken advantage of state-funded dual enrollment programs , have been
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able to achieve
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this outstanding accomplishment tuition-free during their time with the Baldwin County School District .
“ It truly is a phenomenal feat , and I ’ m so proud to see more and more students seeing the value of our dual enrollment program . We want to continue to nurture their drive to better their lives by providing as many opportunities as possible ,” said Dr . Noris Price , Baldwin County School Superintendent .
Upon beginning her tenure as Superintendent of Schools in the Baldwin County School District , there were not any students who were graduating with both a high school diploma and an associate degree . Now , due to the efforts of school officials emphasizing the value of a high-quality education , that number has steadily risen in the passing years .
This insurmountable drive for success can be seen in the data as well . According to Dr . Sallad , over the past 3 years , the Early College program has seen an increase in the number of students obtaining their associate degree . The program is also starting to see high school students graduate early .
“ We began with 10 associate degrees in 2018 and increased to 24 associate degrees in 2019 . This year , we earned 21 associate degrees , but that also included 5 students who graduated from high school a year early .”
With the 2020-2021 school year already upon them , Dr . Sallad says that she and her staff are continuing to set the bar high as they utilize the best strategies to cultivate independent thinking in their students .
“ Our expectations for this new school year are to continue exploring and implementing researched-based instructional practices to provide our students with relevant and necessary experiences to become independent thinkers and learners .”
In an effort to provide optimal instruction to both in-person and remote learners , Early College teachers have chosen to provide synchronous instruction in this academic school year .
“ They have a few students who are attending class in-person , but most are attending remotely . All students are engaged with their teachers through the use of online platforms ,” said Dr . Sallad .
Students attending in-person and remotely are logged in to Zoom classrooms to engage with their teachers during their regular class schedule .
“ Teachers have also modified their instructional schedules to provide students with time away from their computers to work independently and take “ brain breaks .” Our teachers have also supcontinues
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