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Baldwin High School is exemplary in setting the stage for innovation in technology and creativity . This ‘ thinking outside the box ’ trait of the high school helps Baldwin High administration and faculty come up with creative and inventive ways to teach students how to be imaginative problem solvers and innovative pioneers .

The expansion of the high school ’ s college and career academy has helped the school catapult to a state of the art program . Throughout the previous academic year , Baldwin High School College and Career Academy grew , adding more curriculum and career paths than ever before for its students . A year later , the list of pathways for students continues to increase .
“ After a review of local , regional , and state labor market data as well as a local needs assessment , we added the Teaching as a Profession and an Audio-video Technology pathway ,” said Natalie Stowe , Director of the Baldwin College and Career Academy .
Steve Rudd , instructor for the audio-video technology classes , says he sees the program as an opportunity for students to explore their career options before graduation as well as get a head start on a very competitive job market in the film industry .
His students began training with the equipment in the spring , and their plans were to start production on the BHS TV channel , but due to the coronavirus , those plans have been pushed back when conditions are safe for students .
The state of the art equipment has assisted the high school in creating its first virtual graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 , which debuted on the school district ’ s YouTube channel .
“ I am extremely proud of the achievements of our students . The hard work and the skills that they are learning through our curriculum will help them be workforce ready and to confidently show any employer in their field of choice that they are more than qualified ,” said Baldwin High School Principal Jason Flanders .
“ We are so excited to see the continued growth and success of the Baldwin College and Career Academy . It is providing our students with additional opportunities to become highly skilled in competitive fields . By preparing them while they are in high school , we are helping our students advance to the head of the class in the job market ,” said Dr . Noris Price , Superintendent of Schools .
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