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Anna Dunn Midway Hills Academy Teacher of the Year

From early on , Midway Hills Academy ’ s Teacher of the Year , Anna Dunn , said she always knew that she loved children . To her , children have always been the most exciting company to keep and are instant mood lifters . She has always felt that by being around children , one is instantly filled with exuberation and happiness .

“ I can remember , I have always been what you would call a “ child magnet .” It was natural . Children wanted to be around me , and I wanted to be in their presence as well . I had a knack for listening to little ones and making connections with them ,” Dunn said .
Although children have always been an important part of her life , she didn ’ t always know that she wanted to be a teacher .
“ I just knew that I had to get a college degree to support myself . I knew that Georgia College and State University had an awesome early childhood cohort . If I could make it into that cohort , it would be the perfect match for my love of children and books , and it would fill my need to get a degree . I would also be guaranteed to graduate by a certain date , and I needed that . When I became a GC & SU early childhood cohort student , I knew that I would become a teacher . I knew that I would soon be making a difference in the lives of children .”
Another passion of Dunn ’ s that has helped pave the way to her success as an effective teacher is her love of reading . Since childhood , she has always had a love for books and reading , thus she knew it would become the focus of her teaching concentration .
“ I knew I would enjoy teaching reading and inspiring students to love reading , as well . I wanted to help students realize that literacy is the key to lifelong education , and education is the key to success .”
And Dunn has proven to be quite successful in her educational accomplishments . “ Not many know that my education started with a GED ( General Education Diploma ). I am fortunate to say that it did not stop with that GED . I was determined to continue my education no matter the obstacles that I faced or the current situation that I was in ,” she said .
After completing her requirements for her GED , Dunn soon went on to get her Associate Degree from Georgia Military College and her Bachelor ’ s in Early Childhood Education from
Georgia College and State University .
“ At that point in my life , I was proud , as was my entire family because I was a first-generation college student . I went on to get my Master ’ s in Counseling from Troy State University and next followed my Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Nova Southwestern University .”
Dunn currently holds a reading endorsement and an ESOL endorsement . As her educational endeavors grew , so did her teaching skills and her longing to help students see their potentials through academics .
In her opinion , her specialty or contribution to education is building personal relationships with her students , sharing her enthusiasm for reading , and being a reading role model .
“ I am also skilled at thinking out of the box and doing whatever it takes to get my students involved in reading . Presently , I enjoy offering an educationally inviting reading / learning environment for my students . This environment inspires , empowers , and encourages students to read , read , read . I work hard to strengthen and assist students in becoming readers for life .”
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