Bahamian Escapes Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 | Page 60

SWI MMING DE ST INAT WIT HION WILD WE DDINGS T UT RLE S Swimming With Wild Turtles Bucket List Experience [Exuma] BY GIRL WITH HER VIEWS I have a never-ending list of things I want to see and do in my lifetime and swimming with wild sea turtles happened to be one of them. When I heard that there was a spot in Exuma where you could see and swim with turtles I was sold immediately. We took a short boat ride from February Point to an unnamed cove nearby. We were told we could see these elusive wild turtles up close and my enthusiasm grew. We sat quietly and threw small bits of squid in the water to try and attract any form of sea life. After about 20 minutes without any coming to surface, disappointment fell in. Then, finally, a few moments later they decided to trickle in. At first we fed them squid from the boat but I thought, “Nothing beats actually being in that beautiful water with them”. I did it! I jumped in! I was so amazed by their size – never realizing how big they really were. There they were. Two adults and a mid size turtle that, in my mind, I made a family. It took them some time to get comfortable with me before I could go closer. Up close and personal with beautiful creates that inhabit the Exuma waters. The small turtle followed me back to the boat as I swam back making it so emotional for me to leave him behind. Though this was an unforgettable experience I was able to cross off my list, I’ll be sure to travel the sea again to find the under water family. 60 BAHAMIAN ESCAPES