Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 52

it back onto Productivity Park- way. (Yeah! You’ve got the steering wheel!) Think of ways to make the project funny and relatable, try to come up with unconventional ways to promote this creative project, research people that you could collaborate on it with, and keep a running task list. Just give your mind a strong push in the direc- tion of positivity, and you might be amazed at how much better you feel after a while. If you think of this mental pro- cess like making a new trail in the woods, you can see how it’s the most difficult to walk down in the beginning. You’ve got to walk through spiderwebs and prickly bushes, somehow avoid ticks, and you might even have to cut down a few branches. But after using that same path over and over again, that trail will get more worn and easier to walk down. Now, if you follow all of these steps, I’m not saying that your anxiety is going to go away, and you’ll be left with nothing but blissfulness and peace. (What the fuck is peace?) I’m suggesting that - if channeled correctly - anxi- ety can actually be fuel for your creativity and your business. You’ll probably be just as anxious, but a lot more productive. Want to know more about this channeling anxiety into creativity voodoo? Get the email course right here!  About the Author Cameron Gray is the founder of EvergrayDigitalMedia. com, whose focus is on helping ambitious artists and creative entrepreneurs take over the world through ecourses, webinar workshops, and PDF resources like spreadsheets, workbooks, quizzes, checklists, & ebooks.    51