Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 | Page 11

A round the New Year, many of us get that sense of a new start. A new beginning. A threshold between the old us’ and the new. task could you add to this week’s events that will further your goal? For example, my one resolution is to use my phone’s meditation app for 2 minutes, 3 days a week. That pull of potential is so enticing that we plan all kinds of changes. 2. We often set ourselves up to fail. And often, by early February, we're falling behind on our weekly goals and have often given up on our daily changes. That buzz of a new change, that sense that we really can may lasting changes often slips away. The mornings are still dark here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s cold, and the idea of going to the gym at 6am just doesn’t seem such a grand idea. Often, we’ve lost our motivation. If we want to start working out three times a week, we may open up the new calendar on January 1st and book in 3 sessions from 6-7pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday through January. How- ever, if you’ve not exercised regu- larly before, or not for a while, the change of your failing in that first month is quite high; committing to such a large number of changes in routine across the month. ~ How can you break your goal down into manageable steps? For example, if I want to be someone who exercises three times a week by June, I would aim to work But I have good news. Motivation can be created. ~ Neuroscience has a lot to say about changing our habits and seeing goals, and psychology has studied the human nature of reso- lutions at New Year in many differ- ent studies. So, let’s get into this topic with a couple of facts, and how we can work WITH them, instead of against them or ignoring them. 1. We gain motivation by com- pleting tasks. It doesn't matter how big or small, it's the number of completions that counts. There’s a therapy tool de- vised in the 1980’s which focuses on building up small, achievable steps to help bring three aspects to the front of your mind: achieve- ment, momentum and enjoyment. ~ What small, gentle, 1-2 minute 10