babyMaternity Retailer March 2020 - Page 22

Editor’s CHOICE Nook Sleep Oh, That Baby! Ltd. VagiKool Nook Sleep Systems is a company created by parents for all parents! As pioneers in breathable, non-toxic baby mattresses since 2009, Nook carries a variety of non-toxic, eco- friendly products perfect for the modern family. The award-winning Niche nursing pillow, designed primarily for breastfeeding and bottle feeding, is organic, water resistant, and machine washable. Its uses extend to elevated tummy-time, supported sitting, as a sleeping pillow for adults, or as a laptop desk for any member of the family. Oh, That Baby! Ltd. is a moth- er/daughter team.  They created Toofeze® because their mission is to improve the lives of babies and their families during one of the most chal- lenging phases of infant development – teething. Looking for a standard teether? You won’t find it here!  Inspired by the age- old remedy of a silver spoon, they de- signed a simple, yet effective, means to clinically reduce the pain of teething. The two consider Toofeze more than a toy, they see it as a teething tool.   Their innovation has won 11 top industry awards and is approved by pediatric and dental professionals for all infant developmental abilities.   VagiKool.  VagiKool is the first and only discreet and reusable external feminine cold pack specifically contoured and designed to fit the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body. VagiKool is a one size fits all cold pack which is nearly invisible during use, similar in size and contour of a small maxi-pad. Using the VagiKool’s Komfort-Fit sleeves, VagiKool provides discreet comfort without the unwanted noticeable bulk of traditional icepacks or bags of frozen peas. The VagiKool reusable feminine cold pack offers women intimate comfort by providing soothing cold therapy. VagiKool is perfect following childbirth or vaginal surgery. VagiKool promotes vulvovaginal well-being and natural healing by promoting a decrease in inflammation, itching and burning sensations.  VagiKool is Non-Toxic, Latex Free, is safe to use while nursing, and best of all is Made in the USA. USE CODE: NICHE15 Cannot be combined with any other sale/discount code. Expires 4/15/20 Toofeze Teething Benefits: • Stainless steel disk chills instantly in ice water for fast relief at home or out and about • Soft silicone handle is never too cold to hold – Easy for tiny hands to grasp • Helps develop hand, eye, mouth coordination • Shiny surface distracts and helps baby discover and admire them- selves • Safe for all teething phases, from first signs of teething through 2-year molars 310.417.8220 720.205.0335