babyMaternity Retailer March 2020 - Page 21

Editor’s CHOICE Thule Binxy Baby Kiddy Crawler, LLC Thule Spring is the all-new lightweight, compact stroller that lets you discover the world with your child. It is made for motion, for all the times you get in or out of the door, navigate narrow urban streets, shop for groceries or meet up with friends. With step-in footrest and a reclining seat, Thule Spring adapts to your child’s needs from morning to nightfall. Quick and simple to fold with one hand when carrying a child and self-standing with a compact footprint, Thule Spring is easy to bring anywhere. Shopping with babies can be a challenge. Slings restrict your mobility, car seats fit awkwardly in carts. We hear you! Binxy Baby® is an innovative solution that allows you to shop hands-free with your baby safely (and comfily!) secured in a one-of-a- kind baby hammock for shopping carts. Binxy Baby® decided to think outside the box and build a product that made it easy for moms and dads to bring their babes along during shopping errands. The Binxy Baby® Hammock is made from top-of-the-line materials to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. The Binxy product team designed the carrier to hold up to 50 lbs with a natural incline that gently cocoons your baby, protecting their neck and spine. The Hammock has passed numerous safety tests and certifications, and is fully compliant with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). A secure seat harness and infant carrier strap ensures your baby stays put throughout. Lull your baby to sleep in their very own hammock, specially fitted for shopping carts, while you shop. The Crawligator makes tummy time fun while providing mobility and promoting natural crawling movement. The Crawligator develops gross motor skills, builds strength and supports independence. The sleek contoured surface allows the child to rest comfortably on their stomach while developing and exploring their world. The Crawligator is designed to move just above a hard floor surface on ball caster wheels. The Crawligator is light weight and easy to take along. Experts, including Dr. Giselle Tadros, a pediatric physical therapist, say the Crawligator “is a fun way to promote strength and development”. She added: “I especially love the sleek design and the fact that safety specs are on point.” The Crawligator safety features meet today’s Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards, including: a single directional rear gripping wheel to prevent uncontrolled movement and four gripping pads. Proudly made in USA. Recommended age 6-12 months. Weight limits 50 lbs. As seen on ABC World News Tonight. Made In America: Holiday Edition. The Crawligator is a JPMA Innovation Award winning developmental toy that makes tummy time fun! 224.242.2152