babyMaternity Retailer August 2018 - Page 6

MITTEEZ™ is the ultimate organic teething com- pany. The #1 creators of innovative, safe, organic and natural teething products for babies for smart parent- ing. Founded in 2011 with a philosophy of health, simplicity, and safety while making a difference. I am a mother of four healthy beautiful children, and with each, they experienced the challenges of being a baby. I found the stages of teething was the most chal- lenging as a parent, where they chewed their tiny little fingers resulting in leaving them with such discomfort in order to seek teething relief. This is when I realized that there is such a need for a teething product that is hypoallergenic, 100% safe, organic and free from chemicals which can protect babies from germs and viruses which today is increasingly becoming a serious problem. And from there, MITTEEZ was created. MITTEEZ “The Ultimate Baby Teething Mitten”(Stage One) is a multi award-winning, or- ganic, developmental, hygienically friendly teething mitten and keepsake toy specifically designed to man- age the drooling teething baby between the ages of 0-6 months. It is such a fabulous product because it’s made from organic cotton and bamboo fabrics and is secured by an adorable PeaBear character rattle wrist wrap toy providing stimulation and entertainment and the bonus it’s removeable so it’s the perfect babies first keepsake! It was also important to invent the lightweight, non-restraining teething mitten with functionality so its simple to use anywhere, and can easily be sanitized by designing a removeable teething mitten. So after 5 dedicated years or research, patent filings, creating designs and sourcing out the best manufac- tures in the industry, MITTEEZ™ is finally created and now a patented product!!! We our proud to say we also are medically endorsed as the safest teething mitten on the marketplace. MITTEEZ™ produces the finest quality organic teething products with offering the best two stage teething mitten system to maintain safe hygiene and protective, developmental and teething benefits. Our Stage 2 teething mitten for babies from 7-14 months will be released Fall 2018. Your babies’ health is #1 and we truly care!!!!. You can see all of our products online at 4 | Photos by: Rachel Kirk Photography, Canada, BC