babyMaternity Retailer August 2018 - Page 22

Teething Relief Thank you, everyone for the wonderful response to our new BiteMees line.  Little gums are being soothed all over the nation - and we’ve heard the ahhs! Whether the quirky character, perfectly sized features, the ultrasoft fabric or the textured teether corner - your customers are loving these little guys!  So, we’d like you to be the first to see our newest family member - Kitty Corn!  Silly, girly and ready for some gnawing action - don’t wait, she’s a limited edition! What is a LoveMees? It’s a luxuriously soft, adorable line of characters that are super cuddly, cozy and oh-so-practical.  Our babies’ love snuggling with these sweet friends as they “Love, Hug, Repeat”! The original LoveMees has a sweet little triangle face lifts to see “LOVED” embroidered underneath - a quiet little way to show this new baby how special they truly are.   Love Mees are available in a sleepy-eyed giraffe, cat, lamb and deer designs.   Joining the Love Mees characters are Bite Mees and Soothe Mees.   BiteMees are kite shaped character blankies offered in a silly shark, zebra or bee with crinkle to calm and a teether for those days when only a good gnaw will do!  Soothe Mees are shaped a little narrower and longer than Love Mees, so when a paci is added, the character is just the right size for a quiet snuggle.   Soothe Mees are available in an adorable fox, cow and panda.   All of the Love Mees characters have tiny ears and tails for easy grasping by baby’s small hands.  Super soft fabrics are easy wash and dry.   AND, we recommend mom sleep with the LoveMees, because it’s the smell of mom herself that a newborn loves most. [email protected] GOOSEWADDLE.COM | 20 20 |