Baby Maternity Retailer September 2020 - Page 4

Contents SEPTEMBER2020 Features 4 10 11 V-Kool Products The first reusable cold pack specifically contoured and designed for a woman’s body. MITTEEZ A multiple award winning, organic, developmental teething mitten and keepsake. Colgate Mattress Award winning mattresses made of all-natural, components that are 100% biodegradable. 12 14 18 La Moda Zona An innovative onesie for babies, that provides fast and easy access during diaper changes. Manufacturer of the Month Pneo, LLC From your child’s daily healthcare routine to free-forall playtime, their catalog of brands can help you! Jool Introducing EZBeezy Kids Face Masks, designed to fit comfortably and are easy to breath in. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE MUST HAVES! Amazing products to help boost your sales and profits. 8 Editor’s Choice Learn about your favorite companies! 14 16 20 NuAngel Their Trinity II Nursing Pillow offers a comfortable and unique non-confining design to fit individual shapes. What’s Hot New and exciting products that are hot this season. 26 22 PRIMO Grow from high chair to infant chair easily with the sleek and affordable Cozy Tot Deluxe. OURCOVER 23 24 Smocked Polkadot An array of seasonal baby and children’s apparel that evokes southern charm and innocence. Light Success Products Introducing Click It Stick - one of a kind product to safely install a child’s car seat in less than a minute! VagiKool® The first reusable cold pack specifically designed for a woman’s body. PAGE 4 2 |