Baby Maternity Retailer September 2020 - Page 26

Introducing Click It Stick Introducing a one of a kind product that allows the user to safely install a forward facing child’s car seat in less than a minute! Anyone from the ages of 7 to 70 can do this. The device is a game changer for grandparents, single moms, those who are physically unable to reach behind the seat for the attachment and just about anyone The inventor is a Grandfather of 7 who constantly struggled moving seats between cars. The process became so frustrating and painful with the bloody scraping of his arms - he decided there must be a better way. Eventually the problem was solved with the Click It Stick! This patented product allows the user to employ the vehicle’s seatbelts which has a rating of holding up to 3 tons of pressure depending on the vehicle. The other method utilizes the L.A.T.C.H. system which suggests a maximum limit of 65 lbs including the weight of the seat. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration advises adults that the L.A.T.C.H. system may be simpler, but not safer. Problems are solved with the use of the Click It Stick. It is both simpler and safer. Users value the quality of the product, made with durable ASB plastic, a rare-earth magnet and a slender design that will last for years. (There is also a money-back guarantee should it not meet up to your expectations.) This is a wise investment for anyone in need of a safe and simple way to install a child’s card seat. For more information or to order: As one Father recently stated “where was this product when I really needed it?” while recalling the immense frustration when his children were younger. Yes, this product is truly a game changer for all and is well priced at only $19.95. 24 | [email protected] | 407-584-7888