Baby Maternity Retailer September 2020 - Page 24

Stylish and Simple: The Cozy Tot Deluxe Lets You Focus on What Really Matters. The Cozy Tot Deluxe brings style and simplicity to mealtime, letting you focus on what matters most at an affordable price. The curving ergonomic shape of the high chair looks sleek in any kitchen, and comes in both Black/ White, and Teal/ White. The Cozy Tot Deluxe gives easy access to baby during mealtime by bringing them to table height. As your infant grows, the Cozy Tot Deluxe can be converted with no additional parts to an infant chair. You really are getting two great products in one, as the infant chair makes a great arts and crafts chair or play area seating for your little one. The seat and adjustable tray are designed with baby in mind, providing a comfortable, secure fit that will be the difference between a shakey, messy experience and enjoyable family experience. The high chair can be folded and stowed to a slim 10” when not in use, while the wipeable EZ-Clean dual feeding tray makes cleanup a breeze. Don’t fuss over the mess; with a wet wipe or damp paper towel you can easily wipe off any grime or food on any surface of the Cozy Tot Deluxe. Retailing at $99.99, the Cozy Tot Deluxe brings all the quality, style, and features of more expensive high chairs. Getting the most out of mealtime as a family shouldn’t break the bank, and now it longer will! 22 | [email protected] | (973)926-5900