Baby Maternity Retailer March 2022 - Page 18

Better than a Silver Spoon !

In this changing world , some things are certain . . . sun will rise , seasons will change , babies will teethe . Let ’ s face it , teething sucks for everyone ! Babies can be inconsolable , and parents can feel helpless and stressed to the max ! Infants will chew on anything and everything to get relief . For ages , experts have recommended cold spoons to ease teething discomfort . Toofeze is simply a new twist on that age-old remedy . It has the same benefits , but is much safer and more effective , with three distinct chewing surfaces . The smooth stainless steel disk chills instantly in ice water or fridge . The soft silicone handle is never too cold to hold . Toofeze is useful through all phases of teething , including 2-year molars . Its ergonomic shape allows babies to self-satisfy and self-manage their changing teething needs . It encourages development of fine motor skills , provides sensory stimulation , promotes self-recognition and has been endorsed for all infant developmental abilities . The basic properties of its pure ingredients make it a safe alternative to many “ toys ” babies chew on . Its functionality and durability make Toofeze a valuable “ teething tool ,” not just an ordinary teething toy . Our mother / daughter team established Oh , That Baby ! Ltd . to design Toofeze and bring to market a sensible , effective teething solution . Our company ’ s mission is to soothe and calm fussy teething babies and relieve stress for those who love them . We contribute to nationwide non-profit organizations to help nurture underprivileged and at-risk babies because we believe every baby deserves a Toofeze .
“ Thank you so much for sharing the Toofeze with me . What a healthy , safe way to help infants and parents get through the difficult time during the eruption of baby teeth !”
- Steven Law , DDS Metro Dental Care , Denver , CO
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