Baby Maternity Retailer March 2021 - Page 18

Nourishing Mothers Differently

Getting pregnant and having a baby are not only life-changing moments , they are part of a transformation , identity change , and impact your entire body chemistry . Did you know that the hormone fluctuations that a woman experiences at this time are the greatest that anyone will ever experience in their lifetime – including adolescence ?
If you don ’ t have the right support to keep your mind and body balanced , it can leave you feeling stressed , distracted , anxious , depleted , depressed … simply , unlike yourself .
In fact , Postpartum or Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders ( PMADs ) are the number 1 complication of pregnancy and childbirth , which means feeling this way is 100 % common . You are not alone . PMADs include Postpartum : Anxiety , Depression , OCD , Panic Disorder , PTSD , Bipolar Diorders , and Psychosis .
That is why we developed the Mama Yana – New Mother Nourish product line , and whole ‘ nother mother . Beyond a postpartum vitamin , whole ‘ nother mother is a natural , adaptogenic blend of essential herbs that promote overall health and wellness in the year after birth , and all through your reproductive years . Gently support healthy hormone function , digestion , and a balanced emotional / mental state naturally . Our formula was lovingly blended to be gentle on the stomach , and contains organic , non- GMO , vegan , dairy-free , soy-free , and nut-free ingredients .
Mama Yana wants to remind mothers to focus on themselves . Your precious baby is depending on it . whole ‘ nother mother is a tool to nourish your body differently , and designed to make you feel just as it says - like a whole ‘ nother mother ! Support your postpartum recovery and ongoing mental and physical wellness with adaptogenic herbs that help you be at your best every day .
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