Baby Maternity Retailer March 2021 | Page 22

Editor ’ s CHOICE

Smocked Polkadot was created in 2014 after Ashley Hensley , a mom of three , was tired of not being able to find affordable , adorable and classic clothing for her children . Her solution was to start designing clothing for her own children ( two boys and one girl ), which turned into the creation of Smocked Polkadot .
Based in Virginia , Smocked Polkadot evokes Southern Charm and childhood innocence and offers an array of seasonal children ’ s apparel including separates and sets , swimwear , sleepwear and monogrammed apparel and headwear all ranging from $ 19 to $ 45 . The clothing is designed for newborns up to 10 years old with a mix of traditional and vibrant patterns and appliques .
Proceeds from every sale of Smocked Polkadot will go towards the Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation , which was started by Ashley and her husband after their journey through two adoptions , as well as one failed adoption . The purpose of the foundation is to assist and support the financial barrier by providing grants to people who choose to grow their families through the adoption process . These proceeds will help funding for families to support the adoption process since the cost is often the roadblock for some families because adoption can cost approximately $ 40,000 .
Shopping with babies can be a challenge . Slings restrict your mobility , car seats fit awkwardly in carts . We hear you ! Binxy Baby ® is an innovative solution that allows you to shop hands-free with your baby safely ( and comfily !) secured in a one-of-akind baby hammock for shopping carts . Binxy Baby ® decided to think outside the box and build a product that made it easy for moms and dads to bring their babes along during shopping errands .
The Binxy Baby ® Hammock is made from top-of-the-line materials to ensure your baby ’ s safety and comfort . The Binxy product team designed the carrier to hold up to 50 lbs with a natural incline that gently cocoons your baby , protecting their neck and spine . The Hammock has passed numerous safety tests and certifications , and is fully compliant with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ( CPSIA ). A secure seat harness and infant carrier strap ensures your baby stays put throughout .
Lull your baby to sleep in their very own hammock , specially fitted for shopping carts , while you shop .
Mommy Wrap
The only 4-n-1 Cardigan for holding and soothing baby .
The Mommy Wrap was originally created to keep baby upright to combat colic and acid reflux , but can be used for so much more !
Designed to make mom life easier so mom can take care of the rest of her household .
Can be worn with or without baby , hides postpartum belly , patent-pending connectors to help hold and soothe baby , provides skin-to-skin support , NICU support , nursing and burping support , acts as a nursing cover and wearable blanket , deep pockets front and back , should connectors for pacifiers , complements traditional baby carrier and acts as an added barrier against germs , easy transfer from cardigan to crib so baby doesn ’ t wake ! smocked-polkadot . com smockedpolkadot @ gmail . com binxybaby . com hello @ binxybaby . com mommywrap . com kim @ mommywrap . com