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For Kids By Parents , Inc .
Winner of Creative Child Magazine ’ s 2021-2019 Product of the Year Award in their Potty Training Category , and the 2021 Mom ’ s Choice Award , the P-flector ® was created by For Kids By Parents ® , Inc .’ s CEO , Joseph M . Conrad , to solve the problem of his potty training son peeing through the gap between the toilet seat and bowl . For both parents , cleaning up the mess and changing their son ’ s clothes was very frustrating . The determination to solve this problem resulted in the P-flector ® .
The P-flector ® attaches to the underside of a toilet seat and blocks the gap between the seat and bowl , preventing seated kids from peeing through the gap . It keeps clothes and floors dry , reducing the need for parents and caregivers to clean up the mess . Say goodbye to cleaning up urine puddles , yellow stains down the toilet ’ s front and yellow stained floors at the toilet ’ s base . The P-flector ® is easy to attach and clean ; saves parents and caregivers time and avoids the frustration of cleaning up the mess associated with this type of pottytraining accident .

for d by Parents

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Classics are appreciated ! The “ Snow ” Babagoose Baby Throw will keep the expected newborn warm and cozy in their stroller this Fall . On the backside is a sewn in pocket with soft strap to attach to pacifiers and teethers . The pocket is large enough to hold a small pack of tissues . Go and stroll , the Babagoose Baby Throw is ready when you are .
Babagoose . com contact @ shopbabagoose . com 360.901.9436
Good restful sleep is the goal of every parent with young babies and children . While most babies love being swaddled , there comes a time when their escaping arms and constant waking can wear you down . We know that there are many parents and babies losing sleep as they search for a solution to keep their babies sleeping soundly for longer . We know this because we ’ ve been there .
Baby Loves Sleep is home to award winning innovative sleep solutions to help your baby sleep better , starting with our escapeproof newborn swaddle that gently calm the startle reflex , then transition to free arms without constant night waking by snuggling them into the Sleepy Hugs and Hands In & Out sleep sack , and finally transition to toddler pyjamas for active toddlers that have outgrown a sleep sack .
All Baby Loves Sleep products are Mom designed and created to be gentle yet effective for all stages of your baby ’ s development .
Designed in Australia and ethically made using organic cotton because we care for your baby and the environment .
babylovessleepco . com hello @ babylovessleepco . com 650.224.1243