Baby Maternity Retailer January 2023 | Page 8

What ’ s HOT

KOALA HUGS SWADDLE WRAP Baby Loves Sleep The Koala Hugs is a clever reinvention of the traditional square swaddle blanket designed to give newborn babies and their parents the long , deep restful sleep they need in those crazy early days .
babylovessleepco . com
WARMIES Warmies Warmies are the ultimate snuggle . Heatable , lavender scented & perfectly weighted for a positive sensory experience . Warmies are safe for , and loved by , all ages .
844.927.6437 | paige @ warmies . com warmies . com
HASSLE FREE 2 DIAPER TRIAL SET Tidy Tots Diapers Yes , I ’ m A Diaper . Just Smarter & Cuter . Secured flushable liners makes easy cleaning . Self fitting rise covers for the perfect leak free fit everyday .
tidytotsdiapers . com
NATURAL COTTON BURP CLOTHS NuAngel Inc . Protect clothing and baby ’ s delicate skin with the use of these soft hypoallergenic cotton burp cloths !
NuAngel . com