Baby Maternity Retailer January 2023 | Page 6

Hands-On Parenting is a guide to massage for happier , healthier , smarter kids and parents .

This book is full of knowledge , much of which is common sense but rarely common practice .

My dream is for this knowledge of the power and importance of touch to reach every child no matter their economic or social circumstances or place of residence . It is important for every child — especially for children living in orphanages , homeless shelters , pockets of poverty , war-torn areas , and those facing developmental challenges — to benefit from the knowledge in this book and our programs .
I have no degrees in early childhood development , medicine , or massage . However this book is based on my hands-on experience of working with babies , children , and their families since 1966 .
I was trained as a Rolf practitioner directly by Dr . Ida P . Rolf , and served as her assistant the last four years of her life . In 1978 , Dr . Rolf asked me to initiate and manage a project that demonstrated , documented and promoted the benefits of Rolfing babies and children .
Since then I have worked with hundreds of babies and children as early as day one and as deep as four generations . I have worked with babies and children from the top of the mountain to kids in one of Philadelphia ’ s most impoverished and dangerous neighborhoods formerly The Badlands of North Philadelphia .
I hope the knowledge in this book becomes an integral part of infant and early childhood development and education as well as a benefit to anyone at any age .
For more information contact Robert at 484-744-1868 or visit handsonparenting . org