Baby Maternity Retailer August 2022 - Page 6


ILADO MOTHER-BABY BONDING BOX Includes a pregnancy necklace , an angel lovey and a booklet guide . Ilado pregnancy necklaces were designed to promote prenatal bonding . From the 26th week of pregnancy baby will become more responsive to familiar sounds in the natural environment . The delicate crystalline chime of the pendant is like a soft whispering in baby ’ s ear . Repeating a ritual , rolling gently the pendant over the belly for a few minutes in a moment of calm , on a daily basis , will create a sound imprint of love and well-being for moms-to-be and their baby . After birth , its familiar melody will remind baby the security inside the womb , and help newborns peacefully adapt to the outside world .
ILADO BABY SWADDLE BLANKET Our Wool Cocoon ® is inspired by the tradition of swaddling , practiced for thousands of years by mothers around the world . It gently hugs your baby , providing a feeling of snugness and reassurance . By recreating the comfort and security of the womb , it gives your little one a sense of calm and well-being , which promotes sleep . The Wool Cocoon ® is crafted with the utmost care in our workshop in Portugal . This knitted cocoon is made of Merino wool from free-range animals in South America . Our superfine Merino yarn is per- fectly suited for delicate baby skin . It is renowned for its softness , suppleness , strength , temperature-regulating and antibacterial properties , and easy maintenance .
* Wool Cocoon is not for sleeping at night . This is not a sleeping bag , and needs to be kept under sight .
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