Baby Maternity Retailer August 2022 - Page 16

Award Winning Washable Baby Wipes

100 % Cotton , Hypoallergenic & Made in the USA !

Does your baby have irritation from baby wipes ? Do you know what they are made from ? Is it a natural material ? Are they hypoallergenic , ultra-soft and comfortable ? Did you know 82 % of parents prefer cotton & cotton blend products for baby ?
In comparing current baby wipes on the market , most are made from man-made materials such as polyester or chemically altered materials as from bamboo . Cotton is viewed as the most sustainable material for baby care needs .
NuAngel has received a new award for Cotton Washable Baby Wipes ! The 2021 Baby Maternity Magazine Awards Program consisting of new moms and moms-to-be has awarded our wipes with a Preferred Choice Award .
NuAngel Cotton Washable Baby Wipes are available in white and natural cotton . The hypoallergenic cotton wipes are ultra-soft on both sides . They are an ample size ( approximately 8 ” x 8 ”) and are made from 100 % cotton flannel . The cotton is grown in the USA , fabric is woven in the USA , and the wipes are cut and sewn at our USA facility .
We proudly use the seal of cotton trademark to help identify the important features of our products . The Seal of Cotton trademark signals a familiar and trusted fiber for parents .
NuAngel Cotton Washable Baby Wipes are perfect for baby ’ s delicate skin . This is the same product as our baby washcloth . Simply add water or use dry as needed . The cotton wipes are comfortable , absorbent , and hypoallergenic . They are economical and environmentally friendly too !
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